About Us

Need custom garage doors for your new home? Does your business need reliable and strong commercial garage doors?

Garage Door Ottawa’s worry-free, reliable and trusted certified technicians are here to do the right job for you. Our technicians are bonded, licensed, and available to serve you at your convenience at any given time of the day. The Garage Door Ottawa location seeks to exceed its client’s satisfaction and standards. Our wide range of services extends to handling diverse garage door repairs; varying from broken springs, damaged rollers and worn cables, to stripped gears. For efficient, rapid, and safe services, Garage Door Ottawa trucks are aid-kit equipped and carry all the necessities and add-ons required for your garage door installation or repair. Here at Garage Door Ottawa, we offer the widest selection of garage doors in every model, from every brand, with competitive rates.

Despite the admirable selection of garage doors, Garage Door Ottawa undoubtedly ensures serving their main purpose as being safe and secure for your family’s protection. Garage Door Ottawa’s top-notch technicians will not only present you with a picture perfect appearance, but also provide you with high quality installation. It is key to understand that while having a heavy-duty quality door is important, the installation process is just as significant to ensure that it is operating the way it should.

After twenty years, we haven’t yet and will never lose sight of our commitment to our customers. We know there are many service providers out there and we’re honored you’ve chosen us or are considering us. Whether you have a big or small job, we value your business.  Our commitment to service begins with the client’s initial enquiry, and is paramount through the stages of design, manufacture, sales, installation, and subsequent service of the commissioned products. The company is driven by business and undergirded by an efficient customer care team that offers a 24/7 service.

We spend a lot of time defining and redefining what that means to us as a company and what it means to you as a consumer. This singular focus has led us to pioneer the industry standard warranty for garage door repair and a training program for technicians that is second to none in the garage door industry. We are what you need. Contact us for your free quote. Our products and services combine excellent function with high quality design.   All of our garage door products are strong and safe.

Please feel free to call us at (613) 845-9950 with any questions and we will be more than happy to provide you with a no obligation, upfront quote.